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Adjustable Plastic Pedestal are mainly used for ground brackets and overhead brackets.

It is specially designed for garden landscape, mirror waterscape, roof garden, wooden platform construction, grid slab overhead, square, dry spray, interior decoration, balcony decoration, mobile room and other projects. The product is mainly simple and practical, and the height of the system can be adjusted.


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Fuzhou HongBao Plastic Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. It is located in Luxia Industrial Zone, Zhanbei Road, Chengmen Town, Cangshan District, Fuzhou. A manufacturing enterprise, the company is headquartered in Luxia Industrial Zone, Zhanbei Road, Chengmen Town, Cangshan District, Fuzhou City. It is a production unit approved by the relevant state departments.The company’s product specifications are complete, and the products refer to the technical standards and quality requirements of advanced industrial countries such as the United States, Japan, and Germany.

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